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It is situated on the seafront. It is a settlement that has been turning into an attractive leisure resort in recent years. It is a very quiet and picturesque place, surrounded by forests. The road to the beach runs through the forest, which is - depending on the season - full of berries, blueberries or mushrooms.

The forests and fields there are inhabited by numerous animal species. Here you can see e.g. deer, hares, foxes and wild boars. In the forests there are several bike paths that lead to many beautiful places. Lubiatowo is also home to a horse farm, which organizes riding lessons, children's rides and off-road expeditions e.g. to the beach - for hardy riders. In Lubiatowo, there are three stores to satisfy everyday needs, and fast food facilities open during high season. Near Lubiatowo (about 1.5 km) there is Lake Kopalińskie, which is the ideal spot for fishing.

Beach in Lubiatowo

Stretching for miles, clean, fine and very wide (up to 60 meters wide in some sections) - this white beach is undoubtedly the highlight of the region. It is unquestionably one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches of the Baltic Sea.

Whatever the time of year, even in high season, here is where you can find peace and the quiet corners of the Pomeranian coast. Away from the besieged beaches, such as in the near Białogóra and Dębki, here is a picturesque and peaceful place, where silence is only interrupted by a few gulls that still easily find their place here, with nature and the sun devoid of the hustle and bustle of civilization.

The air full of iodine and the refreshing sea breeze make you feel like you are on an unspoiled beach, feel the blissful calm, slow down and just breathe.